Sans Humanite

04:05 – Traditional / Nicky Bomba (Mushroom)

Oh Lennox if you can, won’t you play us the silver pan
It looks like an oil drum, that was pressed by a giant’s thumb
Well they say you play it the best, well let’s put you to the test
And if you fumble it bad, we’ll send you back to Trinidad

Oh Barry I heard you dance, like a man in a voodoo trance
Sometimes you jump so high, people fear and run and cry
But there’s something they dont know, he had his jump setting on Low
For when he dances and plays the bass, sends the ladies to outer space

Oh Mr.Montgomery, you are a picture of elegantry
And as well as a smashin’ suit, you always wear the perfect boots
But when you start a conversation, we are confused by your diction
For your accent is oh so thick, you need a translator to make it stick

Oh Nicky you captain the boat, trying to keep this liner afloat
And if the weather gets rough, well take the wheel and get tough
But the crew has a minor concern, when it comes to the music they’ve learnt
Well they all seem to play the right song,
but you always get the lyrics wrong.

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