Transmission from the Ska-to-sphere!

We are ready for our new mission! Sierra-Kilo-Alpha is all systems go and The Orchestra is styling up for our national tour.  Shoes have been shined, suits pressed, and instruments polished.  We’ve had some great reviews for the album so far and the vibe is heating up.

We’ll be playing lots of new tunes from Sierra-Kilo-Alpha, trying some new things on stage and generally suiting up to make this a mission to remember.  So check those tour dates below, don’t forget to style up and look sharp and we’ll see you on the dancefloor space-ska-dets!,

Bless! Nicky


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Its Here!

The film clip for Funkchunk our latest single off ‘Sierra-Kilo-Alpha’ out April 22 is hot out of the editing room.

Funkchunk is a song that acknowledges that the mind is a battlefield. Sometimes enemy, Sometime’s friend.  There is also a sense that the battle is winnable through the dedication to the forward movement of your funkified journey.  Eventually the balance will be set, driving to a place of goodness – in control.

The idea for the clip emerged after a chance meeting with Director of Photography David Finnegan and Damir Kotoric, our drone man.  David’s multicamera shoot and editing could morph the images into a cool planet like thang while Damir’s drone gave the band the ‘on the lonely road’ vibe and provided the sense of space.  We found this Orange Double-Decker Open-Top Bus for hire so we put all the elements together and decided on a theme where the top deck of the bus was the bus driver’s mind – dealing with some brain battlefield issues. Sometimes under control, sometimes empty, sometimes in full fight mode.

We lost three hats and retrieved Robert’s twice! (one hat was my treasured crushproof traveller over the Westgate Bridge).  David Joseph as the Bus Driver worked a treat.  Some of those expressions were real!

I think we did a great job.  It was a long day and lots of fun and I would do it again.  Maybe glue on hats… I’d keep the orange bus though.


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Why Music Matters


We’re stoked to share this animation of the Melbourne Ska Orchestra by Tristan Klein and the good people over at Why Music Matters.  We had lots of fun jammimg the visual ideas and the final animation captures the spirit of our ramshackle group.

Why Music Matters is a campaign that encourages people to think about the value of music by obtaining music from legitimate sources and by attending live music to support touring artists.

You can watch the clip below and for more info about the organisation and their good work head on over to

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